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Embedded Power Labs was founded by me, Bob White, in 2009 after nearly 30 years in the power conversion field. My experience includes design, development, technology, systems engineering, and applications engineering for power systems, power supplies, and dc-dc converters for computers, storage systems, telecommunications equipment, and other electronic systems.

My several years of experience as a power supply engineer at the Digital Equipment Corporation taught me to look at the whole system - electrical, mechanical, thermal, EMI, and power - and not just at what is inside the power supply sheet metal. This ability to view and understand the needs of the total system enables me to find truly optimum solutions for the end product.

I have held managerial and individual contributor roles at:

  • Vu1 Corporation - a startup developing a new lighting technology
  • Emerson Network Power/Artesyn Technologies/Zytec Corporation
  • AT&T Power Systems/Bell Laboratories
  • Digital Equipment Corporation
  • General Electric

I am a Fellow of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), the world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology. My elevation to Fellow was "for contributions to digital power management in power systems for computing and telecommunications equipment".

Key Expertise

  • Design, analysis, and debug of power systems for electronic equipment
  • Digital power management
  • Digital control of power supplies and dc-dc converters
  • Board level dc-dc converters
  • 48 Vdc battery systems
  • Simulation using the SIMPLIS simulation tool
  • Specifications, data sheets, application notes, white papers, presentations, tutorials
  • Experienced and well regarded public speaker
  • Technical support for patent litigation
  • Managing and overseeing university research programs

I am the principal author of the PMBus™ specifications and chaired the PMBus Specification Working Group through the release of Revision 1.2. I also have industry standard experience in the IPC-9592 Committee.

Some Recent Projects

While I would like to be able to describe my work in details with schematics, test results, photos and the names of the client, just about everything I do is covered by confidentiality agreements that do not even allow me to mention the client's name.

  • Design of discrete low power linear regulators with high volatage input (+250 V and -250 V) and programmable output voltage (0 - +/-110 Vdc)
  • Design of multi-ouptut ac input and telecomm dc input power supplies using off the shelf modules
  • Design of a dc-dc converter for a downhole application
  • Design update of a 3.3 kV output power supply for a military radar application using a 12 pulse line frequency transformer-rectifier
  • Design a family of low to high power off-line flyback converters for a building automation application
  • Debug and provide corrective action for a failing PFC stage in a power supply in a medical product
  • Prototype design of a different kind of high power converter for an industrial application
  • Design review for an on-board charger for electric transit buses (480 Vac 3-phase input, 50 kW output)
  • Design power system for advanced storage system product using integrated point-of-load (POL) modules
  • Consulting on the design of a high power resonant converter and its digital controller for inductive electric vehicle charging
  • Design and construction of a 1000 V, 200 A resonant switch to drive an MRI magnet at NIST, Boulder, Colorado
  • Applications studies for new GaN switching devices
  • Consulting on the design of an LED driver with very wide range of output current and 1000:1 dimming ratio
  • Debug and redesign unstable current control loop for a universal battery charger
  • Design a dc-dc converter for industrial applications (600 W output, 150-1200 Vdc input)
  • Diagnose, and provide corrections for, problems in an off-line power supply for a battery charging application
  • Work with stealth mode power semiconductor startups on developing applications for its new technology devices
  • Work with a stealth mode startup developing an advanced digital control technology to identify and develop applications for its technology
  • Power system architecture study for architectural solid state (LED) lighting applications
  • Patent litigation support including prior art searches, invalidity reports, and infringement reports
  • Architect a digital PWM controller IC
  • Design review of a 2 kW telecom rectifier
  • Write a family of application notes for a new line of digitally controlled dc-dc converters
  • Design, develop and demonstrate the power electronics for a Level 2 inductive vehicle charger
  • Lab work and trade press article on GaN devices in high step down ratio buck converters
  • Full day seminar on digital power for a power management IC manufacturer
  • Full day PMBus tutorial for a major Silicon Valley semiconductor company
  • Developed stress analysis spread sheet tool for a power supply company working on a NASA contract

Expert Witness In Patent Litigation

I have been a testifying or consulting expert in several patent cases involving patents on dc-dc converters, digital control of power electronics, compact fluorescent lamps, and power semiconductors.

If you are interested in retaining my services as an expert in a patent lawsuit, please contact me for a detailed resume of my legal experience.

For A More Detailed Resume

For more details on my employment history please see my LinkedIn profile. A detailed CV is available upon request.

I frequently present papers and seminars at conferences like:

  • IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC)
  • IEEE International Telecommunications Energy Conference (INTELEC)
  • European Power Electronics Conference (EPE)
  • IEEE International Congress on Power Electronics (CIEP)
  • Digital Power Forum (DPF)
  • System OEM power symposiums


I hold a BSEE from MIT (1980) and a MSEE from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI, 1991).

After completing my MSEE at WPI I took three additional graduate computer science classes before moving to Texas to work for AT&T.

More recently I have taken graduate EE classes at the University of Colorado - Boulder to keep my skills and knowledge up to date:

  • ECEN 5797, Introduction To Power Electronics
  • ECEN 5807, Modeling And Control Of Power Electronics
  • ECEN 5817, Resonant and Soft-Switching Techniques in Power Electronic Systems
  • ECEN 5138, Control Systems Analysis
  • ECEN 5458, Sampled Data And Digital Control Systems I
  • ECEN 5613, Embedded Systems Design
  • ECEN 5827, Analog IC Design

Professional Activities And Awards


I have been active in the IEEE and IEEE Power Electronics Society for more than 35 years. My IEEE activities include:

  • IEEE Power Electronics Society Fellow Evaluation Committee
  • IEEE Power Electronics Society Technical Vice President (2 terms)
  • IEEE Power Electronics Society executive committee (3 terms of 3 years each)
  • General Chair of the Denver Chapter of the IEEE Power Electronics Society (4 years)
  • Represented the Power Electronics Society in the 1990 IEEE Colloquium to South America
  • General Chair of the IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) (twice, 1990 and 2000)
  • Technical Program Co-Chair, IEEE International Telecommunications Energy Conference (INTELEC) 2016

I have also been active in the Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA), an industry trade group.


  • IEEE Third Millennium Medal (2000)
  • IEEE Power Electronic Society's Distinguished Service Award (2002)
  • PSMA Special Recognition Award (2005)

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