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"Switch Mode Power Concepts" Seminar At APEC 2023

The Switch Mode Power Concepts seminar I presented at APEC 2023 is available for download. You can download the presentation slides, the simulation files used to show various waveforms, and the lab videos that capture oscilloscope waveforms illustrating concepts being discussed This seminar is an update to the seminar that I presented at APEC 2018 that was awarded "Best Seminar". The first half of the seminar focuses on understanding how switch-mode power converters work using a "follow the energy" approach. The second half of the seminar focuses on designing stable control loops for switch mode converters.

About Embedded Power Labs

After almost thirty years experience in power systems, power supplies, and dc-dc converters for computers, storage systems and telecommunications equipment around the world I have founded Embedded Power Labs in 2009 to offer power conversion related design and consulting services.

If you have an electronic product that needs a power solution, or are having trouble with your current solution, I can help you get your product working and out the door. I can help you solve your power problems by:

  • Finding the right power supply, dc-dc converter, or power system architecture for your new system
  • Evaluating your current power system and power supplies to assure they meet your performance needs
  • Solving your power related problems like power supply failures, noise, random shutdowns, overheating, and more
  • Working with your team to develop the right power management solution for your system
  • I can help your power and system engineers with implementing the PMBus™ protocol in your system
  • Assisting your power supply design team with all parts of the design including developing code for embedded microcontrollers
  • Designing and testing evaluation and demo boards
  • Assisting your sales and marketing team by developing specifications, data sheets, application notes and white papers, and road show presentations
  • Providing and tutorials on power related topics to your technical staff, sales and marketing staff, or your customers
  • For your legal team, I can provide patent litigation support such as prior art searches, evaluation of prior art, assistance with interrogatories, and preparation of tutorials for the court.

If you are interested in talking with me about how I can help you with your system powering or learning more about my skills and capabilities, please contact me at the phone number or email address below.

Thank you,
Bob White
Chief Engineer

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