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Embedded Power Labs has a well equipped laboratory. All of the measurement instruments are maintained and calibrated by Tektronix Calibration Services in Littleton, Colorado. Equipment in the laboratory includes:


Oscilloscopes And Probes

  • Tektronix MSO4104B digital mixed signal oscilloscope, 1 GHz
  • Tektronix TDS5401 4 channel digital oscilloscope, 1 GHz
  • Tektronix TDS2024B 4 channel digital oscilloscope, 200 MHz
  • Tektronix TCP0030 current probes (2)
  • Tektronix TAP1500 active FET probe, 1.5 Ghz
  • Tektronix TDP1000 differential probes, 1 GHz (2)
  • Tektronix TMDP0200 high voltage differential probe
  • Tektronix TCPA300 current probe amplifier and TCP-312, TCP-305, and TCP-312 current probes
  • Tektronix P5205 high voltage differential probes (2)
  • Tektronix P5210 high voltage differential probe
  • Tektronix P6245 active FET probes, 1.5 GHz (40 V rated)
  • Tektronix P6246 (400 MHz) and P6247 (1 GHz) low voltage differential probes

Multimeters And Other Measuring Instruments

  • Agilent/HP 34401A digital multimeters (8)
  • Agilent 34420A microohm/nanovolt meter
  • Quadtech LR2000 milliohmeter
  • Tektronix 370 Curve Tracer
  • Fluke 87V (3) hand held digital multimeters
  • Fluke 1587 insulation multimeter
  • Fluke 80T-150U temperature probes (2)
  • Agilent 34970A data acquisition and switch unit with various modules
  • Precision current shunts from Empro Manufacturing

Network, Impedance, And Power Analyzers

  • Omicron Lab Bode 100 impedance/network analyzer
  • HP 3577B network analyzer
  • HP 4194A impedance analyzer
  • Yokogawa WT210 AC power analyzer

Signal and Function Generators

  • Agilent 33220A arbitraty function generator, 20 MHz
  • HP 33120A arbitrary function generator, 15 MHz
  • HP 8012B pulse generator, 50 MHz

Power Sources and Electronic Loads

  • HP 6812A programmable ac power source and analyzer, 750 VA
  • HP 6811B programmable ac power source and analyzer, 375 VA
  • Various dc power supplies (Agilent, HP, Xantrex, and others with output voltages up to 2000 V and output power up to 1000 W)
  • HP 6050A load mainframes (2) and various load modules
  • Kikusui PLZ-603W electronic load
  • Kikusui PLZ-152WA electronic loads
  • Kikusui PLZ-72W electronic loads
  • Genrad/Technipower Variac, 120 V
  • Genrad/Technipower Variac, 240 V

Embedded Development Tools

  • HP 1670G logic analyzer
  • Microchip Real Ice in circuit emulator (ICE)
  • Microchip ICD3 and ICD4 programmers/debuggers
  • Microchip PICKit 3 programmer/debugger
  • eeTools ChipMax 2 device programmer

Soldering and Assembly Equipment

  • Metcal MX soldering system
  • Ayoue 852A++ hot air soldering and rework system


  • SIMPLIS simulation software
  • Matlab, Simulink, with Control Toolbox. Simulink Control Design, Fixed Point Toolbox, and Simulink Fixed Point
  • SIMetrix SPICE based circuit simulator
  • LTSpice
  • Mathcad Prime 8.0 and Mathcad 15
  • Full set of Microchip C compilers for Microchip microcontrollers
  • Microsoft Office including Visio and Project
  • Adobe Creative Suite

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